My name is James O’Kimosh, I am from the small town of Keshena, Wisconsin. Born and raised on an Indian Reservation north of Green Bay, in the heart of some of the most beautiful natural country in the Nation. My adventurous spirit and love for Mother Earth has lead me to travel to some of the most serene places across the country. I now live in Tucson Arizona and love to travel the mountains with my family on my side-by-side, explore deep in the rockiest roads in the desert in my Jeep Gladiator, hike in some of the highest peaks of Arizona, and ride my road bike anywhere my wheels will take me.

Why do you ride?

I ride my bike purely for the enjoyment and satisfaction of liberating my mind, body and spirit. Tucson, Arizona offers so many amazing trails, spectacular picturesque mountain views and amazing trails that only riding a bike can you experience.

What is your motivation?

My motivation to keep riding is to see more, do more, and live more. With the support of my beautiful wife and children, going on 3 to 4 hour bike rides purifies my mind and keep me both active and healthy. One day I hope my children can experience the joys and surreal experience of riding in every corner of the globe along my side, or ahead of me as I imagine. 

What is the first thing you are going to do after the 102-mile ride?

I’ve never ridden for more than 100 miles on a bike and know that after the Tour de Tucson of 102 miles, I will most likely celebrate to no end a milestone and bucket list item that I set out to do more than 3 years ago. I am so happy for those riding with me and know that with each other’s support we will finish strong and in style with gleaming smiles on each of our faces, camera ready. 

What do you like about Live & Learn and it’s mission?

I love that Live & Learn is an organization that supports woman and children in need and whom provides assistance and life opportunities to help them thrive, strengthen their families and support their community. Growing up in a humble household myself without amenities such as electricity, running water, and limited financial means I can relate first-hand to the difficulties and challenges poverty brings. I also know how much one can overcome with the support of family and friends. Live & Learn develops a distinct program for all its participants which help them gain confidence, inspiration, courage and motivation to once again follow their dreams.