My name is Victoria Sánchez. I was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, but now call Albuquerque, NM my home. I am a proud mother of two teenage daughters, two stepdaughters, and two silly ranch dogs. My other half is also from the Land of Enchantment, so outdoor activities are in our blood. Outside of cycling, I love hiking, yoga, gardening, cooking, and spending time with family.     

Why do you ride?

I have always been passionate about cycling, but it has grown significantly over the past several years. It does wonders for my physical and mental well-being. Although each ride is unique, I am more focused, positive, and motivated after everyone. 

What is your motivation?

Other than the reasons previously stated, I love to ride to help others. The cycling community is relentless when it comes to cause fundraising. I have participated in several charities spanning from children’s cancer research and breast cancer awareness, just to name a few.

What is the first thing you are going to do after your 102-mile ride?

As good as chugging a cold IPA after my 102-mile ride sounds, I will likely schedule a massage after I cross the finish line. 

What do you like about Live & Learn and its mission?

I am so excited to participate in this ride to assist Live & Learn with its mission to empower women to break the cycle of generational poverty.