We can have you up and running in DAYS – NOT MONTHS!

Cloud-based programming provides a compressed implementation – having the system up in days versus weeks or months. The SlotTrak interface is intuitive and easy, so employees are up and running with the program quickly. This makes a turnkey system with low implementation cost to your organization in both downtime and training.



MEAL Log information that is accurate and usable 

 Volante SlotTrak is a secure cloud-based platform which gives you full control and access to all of your data without the operational drain and infrastructure investment.  Leveraging cloud technology allows you to put all your information into one place, make it accessible to multiple departments, in formats that you can use. 

  • All data is stored in one centralized location 
  • Multiple user access 
  • Multiple points of access  
  • Mobile and desktop access 
  • Controlled security 
  • Safe, offsite data storage 

Flexible – add or reduce resources as needed 

Scalable – bring another casino online with a minimum of effort and downtime

Access Control

The SlotTrak system allows assigned user permission levels. It is an access-controlled centralized system that can be accessed by departments across the Casino. Access controls enable visibility, tracking, communication, and delineation of roles and responsibilities. Read-only access for auditors and compliance officers can be turned on and begin work immediately.

Centralized data with role-based access provides as needed information to the right place a the right time.


SlotTrak can be set up in the cloud, or behind your firewall.

Our secure web and iOS-based system allows clients easy access from any internet connection, eliminating the need to purchase additional servers or equipment. We use the same 256-bit ssl encryption level that is used with online banking.


SlotTrak cloud-based computing enables information delivery at a lower cost with increased reliability. A cloud subscription covers all the data center costs, including electricity, cooling, etc. but since cloud servers are shared between many subscribers, the economies of scale allow the providers to keep subscription costs low.


With SlotTrack you are up and running in just DAYS!