Contract Management

Simple and robust slot contract tracking



Is your property still tracking and filing contracts in a file cabinet or on a network share? Have you missed a key contract date or forgotten to exercise an important contractual clause?

The Contract module in SlotTrak provides access to key contract information, source, and executed contract documents to an authorized account via the web application or an iOS device.

Easily search every contract on property by vendor, type of agreement or date from a centralized repository in a single step. Role-based, granular permissions make it easy to limit access to information and attachments while getting the appropriate information to users who need it to function efficiently.

Key Features


Centralized data

  • View all contracts from one centralized system.
  • Track key contract information and key dates.
  • Attach source documentation and executed contracts.
  • Search by vendor, contract type, and date.
  • Access contract information from the floor with the SlotTrak iOS application.

Granular security

  • Control which user roles have access to general contract information.
  • Specify which user roles can access source materials / executed contract attachments.

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