Work Orders

Integrated and efficient work order management



Ensuring that we keep machines on the floor up and available for our customers is a full time job that requires quick identification and resolution of issues.

The Work Order module in SlotTrak features automated and manual creation of work items and 10,000 foot perspective into the operational workload.

Leverage work order information to develop benchmarks for addressing issues across the floor and aid staff by providing goals and targets to hit in terms of resolving issues in an appropriate amount of time.

The SlotTrak work order system allows the analysis of exception data, workforce efficiency, and other data points. Repair statistics and trends allow for proactive preventative maintenance to prevent issues.

Key Features


Single system solution

  • Integrate with your slot accounting system to auto-generate work orders.
  • Create and assign work orders to staff dynamically.
  • Full visibility and oversight into operational workload.
  • Access to work order information from both the web and iOS applications.

Actionable data

  • Track and trend operational workload by work type, employee and machine.
  • Quickly identify reasons games are out of play.
  • Trend and forecast machine issues and take a proactive approach to downtime.

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