The SlotTrak Work Order Module fully integrates with your slot accounting system to pull exception errors that are generated by machines on the floor and auto-generate them into a maintenance queue for technicians to claim. This robust system allows for management oversight, robust reporting, and the ease of mobile access.

  • Auto-generate or manually input work orders into a queue
  • Assign work orders to technicians
  • Error reporting for full maintenance oversight
  • Workforce management
  • Mobile access

Technicians easily connect via the mobile app, claim a work order, and complete with notes.

SlotTrack’s integrated work order system includes full reporting; look at types of errors across the floor, look at errors by location, by game, by manufacturer, by employees, and evaluate how much productivity your floor is generating. Most importantly, the Work Order Module enables you to look at the delta between the time period that a machine errors out and when that machine’s issues are corrected.

With this view of your work order system, you are able to develop benchmarks for addressing issues across the floor and also aid your technician staff by giving them goals and targets to hit in terms of resolving issues in an appropriate amount of time.

The SlotTrak work order system allows the analysis of exception data, workforce efficiency, and other data points. Repair statistics and trends allow for proactive preventative maintenance to prevent issues.

Volante SlotTrak Work Order Module is a centralized place to manage repair work, report on system issues, and evaluate overall efficiency of your slot floor.

SlotTrak work order module.
Maintenance efficiency + Robust reporting.

The contracts module is a great addition to SlotTrak. All of the vital information is centralized, easy to use grid. We can now efficiently track key dates and contract versions from anywhere on the property.

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