At Volante Software, we strive to provide industry-leading products and services to help you unleash your technical capacity.

The flywheel—a piece of technology pivotal for its ability to increase momentum, provide stability, and maximize energy. At Volante, which translates to flywheel in Spanish, this critical mechanism serves as a source of inspiration for how we conduct our business. Here at Volante Software, we develop ongoing, focused solutions aimed at building momentum for our clients and propelling the gaming industry forward into the future.

We are deeply passionate about our work and the significant impact it has on the success of our customers. Believing firmly in the power of collaboration, our team of specialists is dedicated to working alongside you to identify and implement the best solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our enthusiasm for aiding our clients in their journeys, coupled with our unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service, distinguishes us in our field.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to fulfilling your needs. At Volante, it’s not just about delivering a product or a service—it’s about providing a complete solution that assists you in achieving your objectives. You can trust in our ongoing commitment to delivering top-tier solutions and services. Our goal is to become your trusted partner, enabling you to concentrate on what’s truly important—your operations.

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Juan Romero


Hi there! My name is Juan, and I am the proud co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Volante Software. Having spent two decades working in the gaming industry, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the cumbersome processes and stringent regulatory demands that can sometimes overwhelm casino managers.

Volante Software has enabled me to blend my love for software development, project and process management, and, of course, the casino industry. My current passion revolves around devising systems and creating efficiencies to ensure the smooth and effective operation of your gaming floor.

Throughout my career, I have actively participated in the development, deployment, and support of enterprise-level software solutions. My teams are adept at providing technical solutions and software applications for a diverse clientele, including casinos of varying sizes, Fortune 500 companies, and various government entities.

My extensive experience and connections within the gaming industry are crucial in shaping the design and user experience of our products. The end result is a suite of smart, user-friendly casino solutions that stand out for their innovation, scalability, and speed.

Dustin Hodges


I am passionate about finding ways for computers to help solve human problems.

As Director of Software Development, I oversee all software development projects, varying from custom software solutions, to data mining, automation, and system integration. My focus is developing systems that simplify processes for your casino technicians and employees while providing greater accountability and insights for gaming managers.

I have enjoyed more than a decade working for technology companies in both technical and managerial roles. My secret power is the ability to develop and integrate complex software solutions resulting in the successful development and proficient maintenance of a variety of technologies.

Adrianna Salazar

Sr. Account Executive

Hi everyone. I’m Adrianna, but you all can call me Adri. I am a Senior Account Executive with Volante Software. My sales and management experience extends over the past ten years in a variety of capacities and industries. I completed my BA in Communications, with a minor in psychology at the University of New Mexico in 2021.

My aim at Volante is to create and foster mutually beneficial relationships within the gaming industry. I am the liaison between our operational team and our end users. As I spend time with current and potential customers, I work hand in hand with properties to discover current and future SlotTrak offerings and services that will have a significant impact on their slot operations. I take those findings to our development and planning teams for execution and installation. When I’m not on the clock, you can find me at the gym or attempting to re-create my grandmother’s favorite recipes in the kitchen.

Victoria Sanchez

Sr. Account Executive

My name is Victoria Sánchez, I am a Senior Account Executive at Volante Software. I specialize in strategic sales, planning, and establishing future business growth. I have been successful in cultivating and managing professional relationships with multi-million-dollar accounts. I have proven success in penetrating new markets and establishing genuine rapport.

As a former Mortgage Loan Originator for over two decades, I was devoted to helping people with what was often the most important financial decision of their lives. As a Senior Account Executive, I help clients create cost-efficient and regulatory-compliant solutions to optimize their operations.

I develop long-lasting relationships based on the goals and needs of my clients. These relationships foster repeat customers and new referrals. My knowledge, experience, and passion are indispensable within the rapidly-evolving gaming industry.

Samantha stickroth

Professional Services Specialist

Hello! I’m Samantha, and I am excited to join the Volante family. With a strong operational, strategic planning and customer service skillset, I am eager to help identify organizational opportunities and lead with the formulation of innovative and creative solutions both internally and externally. Training and development are a passion of mine and I am excited to work with clients within the casino industry to help bring efficiency and accessibility to their operations.

What Users Saying

At Volante Software, we measure our success by the achievements of our customers. We appreciate of all of the time and effort that they put in to ensure that SlotTrak is successful within their operations. Here is what our customers have to say.