Volante Software and nQube Announce a Transformative Strategic Partnership 

October 09, 2023 – Scottsdale, Arizona – In a move poised to redefine the landscape of the software and analytics industry in gaming, Volante Software, the visionary developers behind the groundbreaking platform SlotTrak, proudly announce a strategic partnership with nQube, renowned for their cutting-edge AI-driven data analytics solutions. 

This partnership aims to combine the unparalleled strengths of both firms, capitalizing on Volante Software’s robust software solution SlotTrak, and nQube’s expertise in AI-powered data analytics. 

Unlocking New Dimensions in the Software Industry 

For years, Volante Software has been synonymous with pioneering software solutions that empower slot departments to optimize operations and enhance user experiences. By integrating nQube’s data intelligence capabilities, this partnership promises to elevate those solutions, bringing data-driven insights to the forefront.

“We have always strived to offer impactful solutions and services to our clients, and this partnership represents the next step in our commitment to taking SlotTrak beyond a tool that creates efficiencies,” remarks Juan Romero, CEO, of Volante Software. “From the first meeting with nQube, we were impressed with the intellect and vision of the leadership team as well as the capacity of their products. Together, we will redefine what slot department operational data means in our industry.” 

A Fusion of Innovation and Analytics 

nQube has been at the forefront of transforming raw data into actionable insights using advanced data models, optimization, and explainable AI. Their innovative approach to data analytics has consistently enabled businesses to make informed decisions, foster growth, and stay ahead of industry trends. nQube is a company comprised of deep thinkers and innovators, with a track record for inventing AI systems to solve some of the most technically challenging problems in our industry.

“When I first met Volante’s team and saw their SlotTrak solution, and their unique and detailed slot data, I knew immediately that there was a real synergy between our companies – both in terms of technology and vision.” commented Dr. Jason Fiege, nQube’s CEO. “We optimize casino slot floors to maximize slot revenue, taking into account slot win and lease costs, and Volante’s unique data holds the key to understanding the true long-term lifetime value of a slot machine. We look forward to offering powerful new solutions in this space with our partners at Volante!”

A Future Powered by Collaboration 

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the synergy between software solutions and data analytics becomes more crucial to the decision-making process. This partnership is not just a merging of two capable products, but a vision for a future where data-driven insights can be produced instantaneously utilizing data sets that traditionally have not been collected or reported on. 

Both firms express immense enthusiasm for the shared projects on the horizon and are eager to unveil collaborative solutions that promise to be more than the sum of their parts. 

About nQube 

nQube Data Science specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the casino industry. Our flagship product Reel AI is a powerful AI-guided optimization platform designed to find the best possible mix of slot machines to place on the slot floor, carefully tuned to the preferences and behavior of players. Since 2016, nQube has brought powerful AI-driven solutions to casinos, to help operators increase efficiency and their bottom line. 

About Volante Software 

Volante Software, LLC. is an Albuquerque-based technology provider. The company creates software solutions for the gaming industry. Volante’s keystone software offering, SlotTrak, revolutionizes slot machine tracking, management, inventory, and compliance. This secure, cloud-based system is intuitive and quickly deployed. Easy-to-access and easy-to-understand tools, notifications, and reporting give operators vital data to make decisions and keep slot floors running at their maximum. For more information about Volante Software, LLC. or the SlotTrak® management system, please visit www.volantesoftware.com.  

Media Contact: Juan Romero sales@volantesoftware.com