The Award

The Super User Award is given to a team or individual that has shown tremendous understanding and application of SlotTrak within their operations. Volante Software is proud to announce that the Super User award winner for 2023 is James O’Kimosh, Director of Slot Operations at Desert Diamond Casinos.

James has leveraged the platform to streamline operations significantly, ensuring that Desert Diamond remains at the forefront of technological efficiency and effectiveness. His efforts have not only enhanced the operational capacity of his organization but have also inspired the SlotTrak user community to explore and implement advanced reporting functionalities of the platform.

Juan Romero, CEO at Volante Software, expressed his admiration for James’s achievements, stating, “James and his engagement with SlotTrak has not only maximized the platform’s impact within his operational ecosystem but has also contributed to the enhancement of SlotTrak’s reporting functionalities. James is a testament to the transformative power of experience and ingenuity. His ability to identify and leverage the data contained in SlotTrak has set a benchmark for excellence within our user community. We are honored to recognize his achievements with the Super User Award.”

James o'kimosh

The collaboration between Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment and Volante Software, under the guidance of James O’Kimosh, has been marked by mutual respect and a shared vision for innovation. Each milestone achieved in implementing SlotTrak’s modules has not only enhanced operational efficiencies but has also positioned Desert Diamond Casinos as a leader in technological adoption within the casino industry.

  • April 2021 – Initial SlotTrak Installation

    Desert Diamond Casinos installs SlotTrak’s Slot File, Inventory Management, and Depreciation, across their Southern Arizona properties. 

  • February 2022 – Progressive Meter Readings

    The deployment of SlotTrak’s Progressive Module in February 2022 further exemplified Desert Diamond Casinos’ commitment to innovation.

  • March 2024 – Empowering Operations with Contracts & SlotCheck

    Desert Diamond Casinos became the industry’s first to deploy the SlotCheck Module, a transformative addition to the SlotTrak management system.