The Awards

Innovator Award

The Innovator Award is given to the property that has played an integral role in the development of new methods, ideas, or features within the SlotTrak platform.

Super User Award

The Super User Award is given to a team or individual that has shown tremendous understanding and
application of SlotTrak within their operations.

Performance Award

The Performance Award is given to the property that has utilized SlotTrak to an extremely proficient
degree within it’s operations.

The Properties

The Experience


How often are the awards presented?
The SlotTrak Innovation awards are presented once a year in February.
Can we nominate people or properties for an award?
You can nominate any person, team, or casino for a SlotTrak Innovation Award. Contact your Account Executive for more information.
Where are the winners announced?
The winners will be announced over a week-long period. You can find more information about the winners on LinkedIn and on the Volante Software website.
Who chooses the winners?
The winners are chosen by the Executive team at Volante Software. Each award has certain criteria that a property/individual must meet to be considered for the award.